Archer & Olive Kraft paper notebook and Acrylographs

Archer & Olive Kraft paper notebook and Acrylographs

Archer & Olive Kraft paper notebook and Acrylographs

The busy lemon has written a nice review about the Archer & Olive acrylograph markers and the Deep Green Kraft Dot Grid Notebook. You can read their review below.

I’ve been wanting to try the Archer & Olive Kraft paper notebook and acrylographs ever since they came out! The Archer & Olive products are known for their high quality. A few years ago I had an Archer & Olive notebook with white paper and I really liked the paper quality!

Acrylographs are pens with water based acrylic ink.

My first set of Acrylographs was the Warm Fall Selection, 3mm. I was a little afraid that the 3mm tip would be too thick, but I was wrong. The strokes are much thinner than, for example, the strokes of a brush pen, which means that you don’t need a lot of space in your notebook in order to use them. I like to use them for headers of my daily spreads.

My second set of Acrylographs was the Cool Fall Selection, 0.7mm. This set was sent to me as a gift by Dutch Mills and because I had so much fun experimenting with the other set, I couldn’t wait to try these new colours! The tips of the 0.7mm are a lot thinner than the ones from the 3mm pens, duh, and therefore they’re easier to combine with fineliners, for example. I like to use these to draw flower doodles and line work drawings, but also to write down todos and events when I feel like using a different colour.


Both the 0.7mm and the 3mm Acrylographs are great to work with and which tip size would work best for you depends on what you plan on using them for. I would definitely want the Warm and Cool Fall Selection in both tip sizes, because I like to draw flowers with both thick and thin lines in one colour.

Here’s what I like about the Acrylographs:

  • Both sets come with both a white pen and a colourless blender.
  • Once you get the ink flowing, they don’t skip and the line has the same width everywhere.
  • They’re very opaque and juicy and they dry rather quickly.
  • The muted colours of both the Warm Fall Selection and the Cool Fall selection are absolutely beautiful.
  • If, like me, you like to decorate your bullet journal spreads, these pens come in handy! You can easily write, letter, colour and draw with them, so they’re very versatile.
  • They can be used on both light and dark paper, how cool is that?!

Archer & Olive Kraft paper dot grid notebook

First things first: When I received the notebook that was kindly given to me by Dutch Mills, I felt like it was my birthday; the packaging Archer & Olive uses has such a luxurious feel to it! It’s a white cardboard box with the signature doodles on it and I absolutely love this kind of packaging. It’s just as luxurious as the notebook itself. In my opinion, journaling is a great gift to give yourself and a beautiful notebook is part of the experience. 


On to the notebook! It’s A5 size, 148mm x 210mm or 575”x8.25”, the paper is 160 gsm, the dots are 0.5mm apart, the notebook is vegan and the paper is Kraft coloured, obviously. The paper has this Kraft paper feel to it, not a surprise but I thought it was worth mentioning it, which means that it feels a little coarse. The colour of the Kraft paper is just perfect and because of its colour, you can use any type of pen or marker that you use in your white paper notebooks. The paper is thick, so no ghosting or bleeding, and the dots are visible but not too dark. If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep things minimal and use only pen and paper, this notebook gives you that little extra compared to a notebook with white paper. I especially like the way black ink looks on this paper. If you like to add textures to your spreads, maybe Kraft paper, like me?, this notebook is very fun to work with as it challenges you to choose different materials and colours. I think any notebook addict should try a Kraft paper notebook at least once!

Copyright: The busy lemon, 2021

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