Kokuyo - PERPANEP Notebook - Zara Zara (Textured) 5mm grid


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The name 'PERPANEP' is a combination of the words 'pen' and 'paper'. Kokuyo's new PERPANEP series focuses on how different combinations of paper and pen bring out different writing experiences, and provides notebooks in 3 types of papers recommended for use with different writing instruments. Each notebook opens completely flat.

The Zara Zara paper is described as textured - By using thick pulp and keeping the surface hard, the paper provides a textured touch and a surprisingly smooth and light writing experience. This accentuates the sound of  writing and the shading of inks. Kokuyo recommends using this notebook for fineliners and fountain pens.

  • Paper 5mm grid
  • Size: A5
  • Paper: Zara Zara (Textured) 90gsm
  • Sheets: 60 (120 pages)
  • Made in Japan