Kokuyo - PERPANEP Notebook - Tsuru Tsuru (Ultra smooth) 6mm Steno


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The name 'PERPANEP' is a combination of the words 'pen' and 'paper'. Kokuyo's new PERPANEP series focuses on how different combinations of paper and pen bring out different writing experiences, and provides notebooks in 3 types of papers recommended for use with different writing instruments. Each notebook opens completely flat.

The Tsuru Tsuru paper is described as ultra smooth - the paper surface is pressed extremely flat for ultimate smoothness. Pens will glide across the paper so you can write as fast as the flow of your thoughts. This paper brings out the shading of inks and is recommended for fineliners and fountain pens.

  • Paper: 6mm steno
  • Size: A5
  • Paper: Tsuru Tsuru (Ultra Smooth) 96gsm
  • Sheets: 60 (120 pages)
  • Made in Japan