Ystudio - Classic Revolve - Ballpoint Pen (Brass)


Inclusief btw. Verzendkosten berekend bij het afrekenen


ystudio’s special design spring cap structure. You can feel it’s uniqueness no matter from the appearance or from the way using it.

It’s a solid brass crafted pen and is very durable. You can use it while you’re working or traveling.


Material: Brass
Specs: 9.5 X 11 X 138 mm
Refills: Parker type ballpoint pen refill (Incompatible with gel ink refill)


The color of brass would be changed by different users and various environments yet this is also its unique feature. The oxide is harmless. It would restore its original luster by wiping with Brass Polish. Without any surface treatment, we hope each product can maintain its individual marks by the constant use of the owner.

Please experience and enjoy this one-of-a-kind beauty of brass.

For buying extra refill please select “Schmidt P900M“ or “Schmidt EasyFlow 9000“.

Let op: Druk de klikdop in en draai kloksgewijs de dop vast om te pen te gebruiken.